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The Team

Technology with Passion(T&P) is run by a team named as Lateral (lateral-inc.com & 33rdsquare.com)! Lateral is “special” because of its people – the quality of the team is outstanding. We take great pride in our people, who are our most valued asset.

Lateral is a small company with a big ambition, focused on delivering innovation and results.

We also write the articles & guides that including Technology news, Internet Network, Marketing Tips, Mobile Apps, Social Media and so on.

Design & Technology with passion. Work with fun!

Lateral works with a small number of customers with the view to create long term relationships and personal service. This allows us to provide each client with tremendous value, since at every step we learn more and more about their businesses and where our value-add fits best.

We’re not the regular outsourcing show. We’re a “talent” shop, more than just service, we’re our clients’s “internal offshore development team”.


Some Statistics

Creative / Tech ratio: 50-50 (even though every one is a techie)
Consumption per team: 24 coffees/day, 15 cups of tea, 2 liters of milk
Photo cameras: 12
Offices: 2 in Romania, 1 in London. (we’re looking to expand our presence in the US and Asia with JVs or partnerships. ping us if you are interested).



50% of LATERAL’s Resources go into Incubator projects, either wholly-owned by Lateral or in joint-ventures with other businesses.

We are very passionate about entrepreneurship and creative projects. The incubator platform allows us to experiment in a commercial environment and spread our risk always looking for the next “interesting idea”.



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